Technology is a wonderful thing. Currently technology is runs the world and there is virtually nothing that we can do without technology. However, every good thing has its side effects. When you have enrolled in college one of your greatest and most important assets is your laptop or the desktop. We use our computers to do so many things and these are some of the basic needs in college.

When in college you may connect into a public network where you may have free access to the internet. However, one thing that we never stop to ask ourselves is: How safe is my computer? Cyber crime has been on the rise and more and more people are becoming victims to the activities of hackers and other internet fraudsters. Cyber crime has attracted the attention of even the most influential leaders in the world and hence you should always take measures to ensure that you are safe from cyber crime. You can use some of the following tips to make sure that your computer is safe and your information is always intact.

One way to ensure that you are safe is by using a variety of browsers when you browsing on the internet. Don’t get into a habit of always using one of browser for your all your online activities. Switching through browsers may help you especially when some people are trying to hack into your computer.

Another thing is to use passwords that are strong and cannot be easily cracked. Avoid getting your passwords from the dictionary. Hackers normally first use dictionary names as passwords when they are hacking into your account.

Change your passwords as often as possible and don’t reuse them. Some people are lazy and use only one password for all their accounts. This is very dangerous and make sure that you desist from this behavior.

Never use hints that are too obvious for your password. In case of security questions, also don’t give an answer that is too obvious. One way to pull this off is by mixing the answers of the security questions. This way, the hacker would never guess your passwords and you will be safe.