How Much More Will I Earn with a College Degree?

This is a question often asked and wondered by potential school applicants. well according to the U.S Bureau of Labor Statistics the answer is a lot! Of course it depends on the degree level but take a look at the chart below:

salary by degree level
salary by degree level










A person with an associate degree will earn 1.6 times more than a person with just a high-school diploma. So for example if you have a bachelor degree you are will earn a median salary of $58,000 annually while someone with a high-school diploma will earn about  $36,000. (according to the Bureau of Labor Statistics).

We can also see that unemployment rate decrease the higher your education level is.

If you are considering furthering your education you have plenty of reason to do so as you can see. Every day you procrastinate you are losing potential income. If you are haven’t started considering it, than maybe you should đŸ™‚