Considering a paralegal degree?

Paralegal studies degree is a degree you rarely hear about but it’s a a very interesting degree that holds great employment opportunities for graduates and it can be a great thing to have on your resume if you decide to go to law school. However paralegals or legal assistants are not required to be licensed and regulation is still not existing in the field.

What do paralegals do

Paralegal usually helps lawyers in their legal work. The main occupation for paralegals is to provide support to attorneys. To research analyze and prepare legal material. The work environment is very dynamic and fast changing.


Around 1000 schools across the states offer paralegal program from associates to a bachelor degree. The course work is designed to give you critical thinking skills,communication skills ,computer skills, computational skills, and organizational skills. Some of the most wanted legal specialties for paralegals include complex litigation, corporate law, intellectual property, regulatory compliance and real estate. There is a great advantage in the fact that an associate degree can get you in the job market for thid field.

Careers and Salaries

It is reported that 10 year job growth in this field is 30% which is very high. Also median pay in the field is $53,700.

What’s next?

Well if you are interested in exploring this field you can search for schools using our degree finder on the right to see which schools online and campus are available for you.

Best of luck!