Computer Science

Many individuals nowadays are looking for a degree in computer science.  Computer technology became a major player in the advancement of human civilization in the second half of the 20th century.  Since then, all through the 21st century, technology has continued to evolve at a faster rate.  Those who seek a degree in computer science should be aware of other available options.

Computer science does not only entail the theory in computation but also the practical use of computer applications.  Computer science enables people to understand, form, describe, and change application of web browsing, gaming, and software that involve word processing.  Knowledge in computer science enables successful candidates to understand modern technologies, to improve on the current programs and to come up with new ones.

Computer science has changed a lot since the 1940’s. However, its foundation runs back to many centuries when humanity came up with the first mechanized appliances which could only carry out simple calculations. The field of computer science has greatly advanced within the past few decades. Computer science in the 21st century contains several sub-sectors of study which include:


Theory of computational complexity

Theory of programming language


Human-computer interaction

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The necessity to use computers in daily life brings about job opportunities in different career areas for holders of a degree in computer science.

There are various degrees to achieve as well as various ways of getting them for seekers of a degree in computer science. An associate’s degree holder in computer science will take approximately two years before an individual can make entry into a computer science position. A Bachelor of Science degree in computer science takes four years of intensive mathematical and scientific applications. Individuals with limitations of work or parenting also can pursue a computer science degree online.

A Master of Science degree can form a good option for individuals with a deep interest in computers. This option is only available for holders of a bachelor’s degree in computer science. They can study it either online or by physically attending lessons. At this point, individuals can specialize in various areas of computer science, for example, graphics.  A few people may move on to a doctorate in computer science. Although most well-paid computer science related jobs might not demand a PhD, it would be important for those seeking teaching positions or funding opportunities for research.

Persons with good command of computers should pursue a degree in computer science.  With the necessity of computer applications in daily life, different industries around the globe would provide related employment opportunities. The hard work involved in studying for a degree in computer science pays off handsomely in the end. According to a study conducted by The U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics conducted a study in 2006, a computer and information scientist earns an average salary of $93,950 while a database administrator earns $64,670 and analyst of network systems and data communication $64,600.  A degree in computer science has emerged as among the most flexible and marketable degrees available.

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