5 Tips to Make it Through School When You Have a Life To Manage

If you’re back in school, and you’re not 18 anymore. You probably have a lot of things to deal with other than school. You might be a single mom trying to raise 2 kids, work part time and being a full time student. You might be a full time manager for a big corporations working 60 hours a week and need to take midterms and submit papers. Whatever your situation may be, it’s probably not easy, so we gathered 5 tips that will help you balance life and school.

1. Time management: Prepare a weekly monthly schedule and stick to it. Yes, unexpected things will happen but other than that you should have a pretty set schedule you need to stick with. Schedule your homework, papers, study groups, kids pick up. And don’t forget to make some time for yourself during the day doing something you love. Exercise, watch TV, watch a movie, etc.

2. Use other people resources: This is something every successful business person does. You have resources around you, that can help you through stressful times.  Your school may have a day care you can use to watch the kids while you’re in class. You can use teaching assistants for help with your homework and papers. Find out about available scholarships and financial aid options for you.Help is available, just need to find it, and don’t be afraid or too proud to ask for it.

3.Save time, take classes online: Today, many schools offer full courses online. So instead of driving to a school find  parking , sit in a class and be stuck in traffic on the way back. Just speak to your academic adviser and see which classes you can take online to save yourself some time.

4. Have clear goals- When things get hard and you just want to quit, keep in mind your final goal. Why you went back to school in the first place? To get a better job? To get a raise? To make you children proud? Whatever your goal may be, keep it mind all the time , it will get you through the rough times.

5. Let your professors know your situation- When you start a class, introduce yourself to your professor, and tell him that you are going to put all the efforts in his/her class but since your’e a single mom-dad/full time employee/other issue there may be times that you may need some consideration. Most professors will show understanding and will help you through the semester.


Best of luck!


Education4us Team