3 Reasons You Should Go Back To School in 2013

3 Reasons You Should Go Back To School in 2013

Online education and distance learning have made the decision of going back to school very easy and very possible. While there are many reasons people now more than ever considering furthering their education. The main reasons are: Increased earning potential, Job security, and personal growth.

Higher earning potential:

While higher education doesn’t guarantee a better salary, stats show that overall you are more likely to earn more the higher your education level is.The U.S department of Labor shows for example that a person with a bachelor degree will probably earn twice as much more than a person with a high school diploma.

Job Security:

If you hold a college degree you are more likely to find a job , and more likely to keep a job. The unemployment rate for high school grads is 10.3 percent, the unemployment rate for bachelor’s degree grads is only 5.4 percent. Not to mention the career opportunities that are made available to you when you hold a college degree.

Personal Growth

As people we are constantly seeking personal fulfillment and a sense of achievement. Achieving a college degree provides these sentiments and has a positive effect on your personal life as well.

If you are considering going back to school, there is no time like the present. There is no reason in procrastinating. If you are worried about the financial cost of online education, rest assure that schools across the country offer a wide vary of scholarships and can advise you on different financial aid options you may be  entitled to.

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