10 frequently asked questions about online education for women, adults and returning students.

Since the year 2000, online education has grown tremendously for women, adults and returning students. Currently, online education provides the answer for multiple women, adults and students. Here find ten frequently asked questions about online education.

Why are students particularly women, adults and returning students interested in online education?

The answer to this question is the dwindling performance of the economy. As a result, colleges and universities started offering distance education to cater for the needs of women, adults and returning students who could not be able to attend classes while at the same time working. Subsequently, the number of students enrolling for online education has been going up ever since. In addition, people are trying to get better jobs and education is the only avenue to secure those jobs.

How many adults, women, returning students who have enrolled for online education?

Over six million students have enrolled for this program world wide. This number continues to increase every year.

What are the institutions that offer online education?

There are online universities and colleges that offer online education. Also traditional institutions like Harvard University and Yale University offer online education too.

What is the future of online education for adults, women and returning students?

Sixty three percent of all traditional universities and colleges agreed that online education is important to their future in 2010. Online education is the way of the future and every higher education institution is taking advantage of that.

How are traditional colleges and universities adapting to online education?

Most of these institutions have adopted or created web facilitated courses that enable students to study on the internet in an interactive platform or face to face platform.

Is online education different from classroom education?

It’s not different in terms of classes quality and degrees accreditation, but it differs obviusly in the variety iof options and flexibility it offers students of all ages and locations.

What is the cost for online education

Online education is relatively cheaper than traditional education because much of the over head expenses are not incurred like accommodation and electricity.

Is this type of education here to stay?

Yes. In fact it will continue to grow more.

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