Schools of Millionaires
You might be surprised at some of the schools on the list for producing millionaire alumni, but apparently it is a little easier than you think, especially if you can manage to get into these universities with no problems. Harvard University and Harvard Business School-The prestigious and extremely well-endowed Harvard University and Harvard Business School in Cambridge, Massachusetts has so many [...]
5 Types of College Professor
I know that there are a multitude of different attitudes and personalities that you will encounter from both peers and teachers. These things only translate to university life and become real since much more is at stake! * The Scholar- So you lucked up and got the new and shiny “overqualified” professor for their first semester at a new gig. Hopefully they aren’t too rigid: that could mean sleepless [...]
Top 5 Worst College Majors
There are a few ways we can rate the wort college majors, but here we will concentrate on the financial aspect of things.Which college degrees are most likely to not get you rich. Anthropology, Archaeology and Human Services majors are seemingly the top three worst majors for your career. The current unemployment rate for Anthropology and Archaeology majors is 10% for recent graduates and 6% for [...]
Optimize your college years!
For the amount of money and time spent pursuing undergraduate and graduate studies, you should make it a point to be getting the most out of every moment. Make sure you’re getting a good investment on each dollar by treating your school studies like a job within itself. By becoming a “professional college student”, you are ensuring that you become successful in your professional career. Hit the [...]
Best Study Abroad Programs
Spending one of your college semesters abroad (or more) can be an amazing experience! There are so many different ways to go about studying at another academic institution elsewhere in the world, but these adventures usually take careful planning and consideration. We have found some of the top-rated programs out there for your review and examination. It may answer some questions that you’ve been [...]
The Federal Work Study Program
The Federal Work Study Program is a U.S. government initiative that looks to help and aid undergraduate and graduate students on their mission to manage and finance higher education. Part-time jobs are made available by more than 3,000 learning institutions that have administered funds from the Department of Education. The program has a concentrated focus on community service and giving back; a certain [...]